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League of Legends Fanfic xD

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Hey, shogun27 here. So, I have a idea to create a fanfic about the dimension of Summoner's Rift. Inspired by fenRYR's LOL EPIC, enjoy the story! Some elements do not follow the traditional SR, sry for that xD!
This tale will follow the Army of Demacia.

Army of Demacia
Brigadier General Garren
Lieutenant Tristana
Surgeon General Soraka
Angel Soldier Kayle

Captain Teemo
Shen, the Kinkou warrior

Ryze, the Warlock



Order of Noxians
Katarina, the Bloodlust Noble
Morgana, the Fallen Angel
Demon Jester Shaco
Fiddlesticks, the Harbinger of Doom
Nasus, the Curator of the Sands
Warwick, the Blood Hunter
Singed, the Mad Chemist


All Units! Prepare for summoning in 1 hour
"Hmph" said General Garren. "Another battle for Demacia. WE SHALL NOT LOSE" bellowed the mighty warrior. His Lieutenant Tristana, at his side said in a calm voice, "Do not worry General, The outcome of this fight will be for Demacia". The Lieutenant, though young in both experience and age, has seen more violence than any other lieutenants fighting in the army. Her last and first experience in the field of battle had changed her view on Noxus. Her opponent Nasus used his Ability to age his opponents age and aged the young yordle enough to turn her hair white. "That bastard Dog will fall, I swear to it" said the angry Lietenant.

"General Garren, we will depart soon", said the angel Kayle, a mighty warrior, who was an excellent fighter and beautiful as she was fierce. "Who is going with us this time?" said the General, Besides your lieutenant, we will also have the Recconnaisance team of Captain Teemo and The Kinkou Ninja Shen, the Surgeon General Soraka, and the warlock Ryze". "Wait, there are seven warriors that are being summoned; Doesn't the League only accept 5 on the field of justice, Summoner's Rift?" asked the confused General. "You're Right sir", said the angel. "But the League has put up a new rule, saying that now more champions can be summoned". "What is the Occasion?" "In this battle, Whichever side wins takes a part of land from the losing side. Sir, if Demacia wins, we can reclaim the Land of Ionia, the place where Master Yi came from". "Ah yes, the homeland of the Wuju user." In the battle of Ionia, the land was decimated by Noxia and is now a noxian training facility. Master Yi escaped the clutches of the Noxians to join the Demacian Army, but is now too injured to fight this time.

Sorry to any Master Yi fans. xD. He was not part of my original plan.

10 minutes til summoning

"let us go, warriors, to the summoning dock", said the General. There at the dock, the 7 warriors met and got ready for war.

1 minute til summoning

"Soldiers of Demacia" Bellowed the General. "If we shall win today, it will be a great victory to our land". "FOR DEMACIA!!"


Welcome to Summoner's Rift

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Great story enjoyed the plot.
maybe use the 7 champs summoned but 2 of them to be banned. stay true.
Also it might save u sometime to look at a list i created amongst other leaguecrafters all based on lore.
search: Ninjas and Gods for complete listing. (not updated since mal zahar)
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Chapter 1

"Well here we are again" said Tristana in a more comical tone. "What now?", said the ninja Shen. "First things first, I want the Reconnaissance to scout out the battle field. Captain Teemo, I want you to set up mushrooms around the field in case anyone tries anything crazy. You guys will also try and help out the rest of the team as well". "yes sir" said the two. " If for some reason anything goes wrong, send up 2 ping flares. Captain, also keep a mushroom ready. If an enemy is lurking drop the mushroom and flare. I and Tristana will teleport to there and fight with you. Set out!" "OO-RAH!"

"Now what do we do?" asked Soraka, who clearly has never battle on the Rift before. "What the-" Clamored Tristana. "You don't know what to do. You're such a newb" "Enough!" said the General. "Yes sir, sorry sir". "Well Soraka", said Kayle, "what we do now is known as the laning phase. Basically, we all set off and start to kill minions. When we do, we gain Influence points, also known as IP. This is known as farming and is our primary way of fighting. When we have have enough IP, we can buy things from the Merchant". The merchant was a shop that was given to both sides of the field from the League. The shop was a place where warriors of different areas of battle styles can buy weapons. When you gain enough IP, you can buy items that will power champions up. "What will the laning assignments be?" said Ryze. "Soraka and Ryze will go to the bottom lane. This will be beneficial to soraka because she can farm creep or minions, and be protected by Ryze our master magician and great caster. Don't worry Soraka, he will protect you from any ganks that may ensue." "What is a gank and farming?" "Gosh, you don't even know that", said Tristana. "What the hell did you learn at the battle academy?" "That is enough Tristana" said Kayle. "It's ok if she doesn't know that much yet. You didn't when you started out as well." "Be quiet" said tristana, turning red in the face, clearly embarrassed. "A gank is an ambush from the enemy team. It can consist of any number of enemy champions and it usually works. It sort of a flanking technique. But that is why we have our Reconnaissance team out there. It is their job to set up areas of surveillance so we won't be ganked. As for farming, it is the act of killing a bunch of creep or minions. There are waves of minions that will be coming from our and the enemy Nexus. Since the armies of both sides are vast and gigantic, the nexus is there to send out creep waves or platoons that will help us in destroying the enemy team. If the nexus is destroyed, the team loses because they will no longer have an army to support them". "I see", said Soraka, now fully understanding the situations. "Now, back to the laning assignments," said Garren; "Kayle and I will go to the top lane, and Tristana will solo mid. She is the best gunner that Demacia has to offer, and I trust her to carry us to victory". "Yes sir, I will do my best" said tristana, her pride escalating because of the praise given by her General. " Now if anyone should get injured, eat this pill". In his hand there was a small blue pill that did not look significant. "This pill has a spell to bring you back to the base and heal up. Also, if ever you need to contact the team, use the ventrilo ability. This skill was given to us from the commission of Demacia. Their newest piece of technology, it can contact anyone anywhere on the battlefield. Everyone know what to do? MOVE OUT!" "OO-RAH!"
To be continued.

Rate and review, if you want to suggest anything for future stories please say so. comments are always welcome!


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nice dude... I like the way that urs seems like a commentary of an actual match told from the champions point of view.. One pointer though, try and give a new line after every line of conversation.. It makes it easier to read, since otherwise you're post ends up looking like an intimidating wall of text... I'm looking forward to chapter 2 :( GJ!
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