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What does 'CS' stand for

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I know it's how you describe your farm and minion kills but what IS it?

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it stands for creep score, how many creeps you've killed
or conversely, if you're not talking 'bout LoL then its Counter Strike
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CS is creep score and it's how many creeps you have last-hit for gold.
in LoL CS is something else (i forget) but in DotA it was CS.

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In League of Legends, I just call it creep kills / minion kills / last hits. Every time someone mentions CS, I think of Counter Strike.
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CS refers to creep score according to dota, obv. ;)
But CS requires another S to remind me of counter strike,
the only one I played was source anyway :)
css ftw btw.
Such an awesome game.

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It mean counter strike :D

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It mean counter strike :D

Beat me to it.
Thanks Najena!
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What's counter strike?


Yeah, IDK why last hitting creeps is such an uberpro statistic.. personally, I miss having the old top champs played stats... dunno why they scrapped that, I was proud of my almost 3k assists with Ashe :) Mained her forEVER, and now nobody even knows that... :/
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Thanks Gene :)

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It means cash shop.
No really.

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I refer to last hitted creeps as CK since the daiz of DotA.

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