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Ranked solo queue = Biggest fail in history of LoL

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OFFLINE   Setsuno93


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Does anyone even play it? Cause whenever i play it i always get a bunch of retards flaming all over and feeding, afking and leaving. I had 1550 rating since then i lost 20 matches i am on 1360 now... Are people so dumb? Whenever i play ranked solo i get so depressed i lose my love for League of Legends..



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Don't give up. Theres still hope!
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OFFLINE   Arcanon

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Same thing, I only play normal now, I only use ranked for arranged 5v5.

OFFLINE   draconian

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i am on 900 rating, all because of noobs not knowing shit about how to play and always feed, seriously, my first game on ranked i was the only one not feeding, and i have not even had close to a 50% win ratio, it is on somewhere close to 5%
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OFFLINE   Smitra

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I dont usually do solo ranked, cause you will eventually always end up with People, that is not fully capable of playing, just like in normals.

The only ranked I do, is Premade with my clan.

Do a asilo now and then, otherwisr, stick with premade and normal (: writing this ón the phone, sp this æast part os blackscreened to
Mé, sp sorry for the spellimg mistakes.


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Solo ranked is like, you get stuck with the same amount of retarded morons as you do in solo queue, (Maybe more) but you're just giving yourself another reason to get mad over their fails. Solo ranked imo=Bad.


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Couldnt agree more. I started out with 8 wins in a row in solo queue. Then i started being queued up with frikkin newbs. Dropped my rating. Now I rarely do solo ranked cus i know ill end up depressed :P

OFFLINE   BlackSteel


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i do solo cuz i dun hav vent so playing with a full premade will hav some disadvantage

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OFFLINE   NoobMachine

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I never win any solo ranked. Period. Last time I almost won cause the enemy team had a leaver, then we had a leaver, but we managed to push the inhibs, downed 2, then my teammates started bashing the enemy and got so distracted with the chat that 1 sivir managed to push her way to our nexus towers, and then my teammate quit. Guess the result. Solo queue is just designed to this, it puts all the human crap in one little area, and throws you into it head first.

OFFLINE   dylanx


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Lol I have 57 wins and 97 loses. I'm still happy as can be with this game. And I also like to see my player stats

OFFLINE   Eladir

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Nah, I've played a ton of solo queues. Most of the time it's fun, specially after you get out of elo hell. It's hard to keep it up though cause the elo system just fails. For example I'm 1500 and I get matched with ~1400. If I win I get +10, if I lose I get -15. I don't get this, I don't want to play with players with lower elo and suffer more from a loss. I want to play with players of higher elo so I suffer less from loss and earn more for a win and eventually playing with better players will improve my skills too.

My "advice" for solo ranked is always having a jungler in your team. Thus there are 3 "important" players. The jungler, the mid and the 1vs2. You duo queue and you and your friend MUST get 2 of those 3 "important" players. Thus you influence the game a lot early and not leave it to the random guys who have a high percentage of failing. Specifically I always play Nidalee who excels in 1vs2 and my friend will either go a solid mid (Ez, Vlad) or a jungler (Udyr, Olaf) depending. You should also be in a good mental state when going solo ranked cause you gonna see teamates failing a lot, like getting blitzgrabbed all the time.

Another thing, give simple advice to your teamates, like "They are all magic, get magic resist". Even if 1 does listen to you, it's a big bonus. Also never, and I mean never rely on your teamates for anything. You are the "carry" or the "support" ? Get survival items mid-game, you can't rely on the tank doing his job. Never trust anyone. Untill they convince you they are good players at least. Also, if you notice an enemy player being a noob, feed of him.

OFFLINE   Horokai

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I know someone who is like 250 wins and about 100 losses in RSQ
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The Reasons to play League of Legends

OFFLINE   Algazar

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Ranked solo is even worse than normal game solo,you get worst teammates ever...and what i really don't get is,why those people(which are just terrible,don't understand the game and just fed and rage) play ranked games in the 1st place,in the 2nd,why u wanna ruin fun for other 4 guys?...

OFFLINE   scotch89


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Solo Rank with another player... maybe this can help you.

I only play Solo with a beast of an Anivia player....


kills the whole enemyteam. :P
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OFFLINE   landryjeanluc

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1 thing a lot of you fail to realise and i know this for a fact is that a lot of people complaining in forums about solo queues also complain about there teams in game. This causes a lot of people in the team to just say fuck it and stop playing properly. I can't count how many games i was on the winning side, but 1 guy on the team wasnt doing good. 1 guy starts flaming him. shit goes downhill. Attitude problems are the only reason i don't play solo not cause of winning and losing. Ranked games seem to make people feel like they are always better then others somehow and seems to make them flame more. I personaly have a 4.7 KDA ration with my 3 main heroes and i still have a losing record.... I still never flame anyone because i learned it just doesnt help and if more people could learn that and be calmer you'd all win a few more games.

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