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Pantheon, great early game squishy late game

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So i have been playing pantheon for a long time.He is a great champion.i have done some pretty good scores with him like 25/3/16 in 3v3(note that all deaths were after 23 min.)

What i noticed is that early game you are an awesome unstoppable dps but later on something just isnt right!Its like your too squishy?getting overly focused?Pantheon is a great 1v1 but in teamfights he isnt very good.

I tried stacking health and defences but still i get focused too much.
So any ideas to make pantheon more viable even late game?

P.S. I hope they buff heartseeker strike again! they nerfed it so hard!(they could reduce damage and put on-hit effects in strikes)

OFFLINE   Eladir

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Nop, don't think I've seen any game-changing Pantheons late-game, only if he has a ton of stacks on SotD. That's how he is, good early, average mid, bad late-game.

OFFLINE   Makkane

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Ye thats just the nature of his hero, he is gr8 early and not so gr8 late... and that is how he is supposed to be.
So try to end the game as quick as possible, and also it can be balanced out by some good late game champions on your team.

OFFLINE   Waynestream

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early game=pwnage.
mid game= you shoulda bought sword of the occult until then. every game. if u dont get the stacks the game is over for you anyways.so buy it.with your heartseeker strike you should be doing some great aoe dmg. he is still very useful,especially when you got fed early game.
late game= when you`re good,the game is over now and that is the way it should be when your playing pantheon.
when it still is going initiate the fight with your ultimate and make sure the others are attacking right when you`ve jumped into them.
then w->e->q/autoattacking.
i would say that in early and mid game his Q is his best skill,so max it first.
then in mid to late game is e gets better and better,so max it second.
then max his stun.
and dont forget the ulti.

and you get focused with pantheon. point. no matter what you`re doing,you always get focused.
that`s for 2 reasons.
1.) you have an imba dmg output
2.) you are very squishy
i would buy guardian angel with him and maybe a banshee`s veil.
so my corebuild is usually.
after that:
B.F. swords(build it in whatever you want)+GA+youmuu`s ghostblade+banshee`s

OFFLINE   Fizzy Soda

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If you are focused all the time you are playing him wrong.
Let the tank go in and while they are distracted nuke them.
Get Sunfirese and Banshee's, they help too.
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OFFLINE   JustDavid

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With pantheon, you MUST get your positioning in a team fight right the first time. He has no escape mechanism. Once you are in the fight, you are in the fight till the end. Doesn't mean you can't escape. It's that you will not have a for sure escape like ezreal or tristana.

Max out spear first as Wayne said. You can go either aegis for chasing and cc or HSS for more raw damage. I personally prefer aegis.
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