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Theres three ways I can think to build TF off the top of my head. You have your hard AP Burster, your AD Sustained damage, and your middle of the road aspd/AP TF.

My question is why do I never see the other middle of the road option, Trinity Force AD TF. It's effectively the same idea as ASPD/AP TF. Every AD TF I come across is usually straight phantom dancers, IE, BT, and maybe a starks. This bugs the crap out of me.

tl;dr Whys no one use trinity force on AD TF?

Build Concept
Mana Crystal + 2x hp Pots
Pick one of the following 3
Soto if successful
Wriggles if heavy AD Team
Hexdrinker if heavy AP Team (or wits end if mana inefficient AP team)
Trinity Force
Youmuu's Ghostblade
-I know it has armor pen, but the idea is you A. Want the CDR, and B. Want it's on use effect for when you ult
BT, and IE, and PD, Oh my
Inserting survivability as needed

I just find it strange it's so underplayed, though I do understand why the ASPD/AP may be more viable due to your gold card doing more damage, I just find it strange that AD never takes trinity force.

Now tell me why I'm stupid.
Edit: Or better yet, that they're everywhere I've just never seen/noticed one.

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Trinity force is really expensive for a very small amount of damage. You already have the slow.

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I go triforce tf sometimes. It's not a stupid build at all. Sheen is a great first item on him. Zeal and phage are also good items for tf, and are relatively inexpensive for what they do. It's just that people don't adapt to the hero they are playing. They see an AD build for someone and use it for anyone they play as an ad character.
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Thanks Gene :)


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TF is insane squishy... thats why you should drop your enemys rly fast so the only way to go is:


A TF should pop up and dish out tons of damage ... a trinity dont give you that...
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Ive seen that SotD+madred TFs often fare best.
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View PostMandyMemory, on 06 February 2011 - 09:39 AM, said:

You already have the slow.

Lol. Yellow > Red. Added slow is nice.

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slow is shit.
If they run out of the range it doesnt work
mean red card

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bloodthirst+trinity=op :D
the rest depends on the game

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AD TF as in Lichbane TF I suppose.

My Twisted Fate build:

Boots + 3x health potions
Boots of Swiftness (you are slow as a turtle)
Rabandon's Deathcap
Zhonya's Hourglass (Destiny > Gate > Active > win)

The combo of Rabandon's Deathcap and Lichbane is extremely broken on Twisted Fate. Twisted Fate is all about burst because he fails to survive.

Upload your replays today!


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I have tried AD TF a few times, but it left a bit to be desired, since Wild Cards was not powerful at all, yes Red Card made up for it, but...I always preferred to have a Gold Card handy instead of using Red Cards.

What does this mean? I think AP > AD on TF.

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