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Counter for Olaf

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Weekly Wars - Bronze
Ok, so I was thinkin' about Olaf, and how he's pretty hard to kill. Who would be the best counter against him in a 1v1 match?

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anyone with stun or a trap, some dmg output and ignite!


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A kiter, preferably also with a stun and semi-tanky hp if your slow. 2 of my favs against him are
Nidalee, would be good, harass with spear, run when he closes the gap, traps to be alert.
Ashe, kite kite kite. sting like a butterfly and float like a bee.... wait what??? Main idea is that with the amount of slow you can dish out, he can only get to you when he ults, and that is when you bail for a few secs
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CC sounds good in theory but as long as he's got his ult up, that will be useless (as long as he doesn't forget to use his ult before the CC). So what you're left with is basically a)surviving long enough to CC him after his ult in order to destroy him or b)killing him by bursting him. While a carry could in theory be able to kill him, he usually gets the upper hand with his passive+lifesteal.

In conclusion, your safest bet should be a burst-caster, preferably with some sort of cc (or something to make you invulnerable for some part of his ult, like the hourglass)....

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Ranged DPS dealers and good kiting skills.

The reason why is that Olaf is a champ who does most of his stuff at melee range. Sure he has undertow but that thing is easily dodged by a player with very fast reflexes, being that Undertow is a rather short ranged skill shot with a rather heavy cast delay.

Also, for some reason, if you are someone with fast Movement speed and high damage output through DPS (Say Master Yi, who's obviously melee) you can actually defeat Olaf provided that you know how to hit and run while under the effects of Highlander. I've done this feats several times, with my Yi and the farm that I got, easily defeating Olaf in every situation because of Yi's being a rather slippery champion to fight against for a bruiser like Olaf. Master Yi can actually trade blows with Olaf if you are as farmed as he is.

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The best counter is Anivia, because when was the last time you have seen Olafs run flash?
Other good counters are Teemo and Heimerdinger: Blinds.
The best DPS against Olaf is probably Kog'Maw, because of his in-built Bloodrazor.

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Everyone that can survive against him for the duration of his ulti....

-Flash over a wall -- he wont get you until he has flash too
-Ghost away... just hope you are faster or maybe you got skills/items that make u faster and run for the duration
-If olaf isnt feed... nuke him into oblivion... only works vs those non life stacking i can dps olafs
-Focus fire olaf with your entire team... maybe a option
-Just gank him if he jungle... he can jungle fast but he is real weak if u gank him... alway bellow 50% life

Temoo is good vs him but not cuz his blind more cuz he is way faster and can outrun him for the duration of his ulti

Heimerdinger ? Hmm no its like this:

You guess right heimer is NOT the tiger ;)

heimer slow
olaf fast
olaf cant be slowed/stunend/blinded
and take reduced flat damage (towers)

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I'd say that Ashe is THE counter for Olaf, since you won't get to her and by the time you need to run away you will die anyway xD
Also, what is all this bull that Olaf is so low when he jungles? I've never had that problem D: (seen alot that is really low though..)
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Yi might work. Either him or tryn. Stuns dont work, so I'd say: fight fire with fire
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Weekly Wars - Bronze
1vs1 match? any ranged with basic escape mechanism.
kennen, caitlyn, tristana, ezreal, teemo

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If Olaf runs Ghost and uses it in combo with his ultimate, not many champions can stop him. The best option is chain Exhaust.

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maybe leblanc? just silence/slow/nuke him. or vlad, but im not sure if he has to be more fed then olaf to kill him, but if he ults use bloodpool. or trynda?

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Tristana with Exhaust. Using E will screw his vicious strikes, and if things go bad, exhaust or jump over-knock him on a wall, then exhaust.

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I think Jax would be a good choice in a 1v1. He dodges Olafs' attacks and can put out a hell of alot of damage against a single target.

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