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3v3 jungling

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OFFLINE   Magokaiser

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is it viable to jungle from the beginning of the match on 3v3? with which champs? same as 5v5? routes? runes? smite = gank me plz sign?

I've never seen any guide for 3v3 jungle, only one video with Warwick but it didn't convinced me.

OFFLINE   ScienceXReason

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Jungling is a stupid idea for 3v3. Teams fights start from the get go, and simply placing 2 wards will effectively get you pushed out of the jungle by anyone with a brain.

My guide to all things Udyr -> SxR's In-Depth Guide to Udyr

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OFFLINE   Rapid99

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Hmm, jungling in 3v3's is actually pretty common and is a worthy tactic from a competitive standpoint. It is of course worthwhile to note that 3v3's is not a particularly balanced map so there will always be outliers when determining what works and what doesn't.

The strongest junglers in 3's are those who are almost completely self-reliant. Warwick is probably the strongest but Lee Sin and Udyr can be capable in the right situation. If you make a team with 2 strong off-tanky lane holders who can just sit on their tower and farm (such as Mundo + Mordekaiser etc.) you can gain a huge level advantage in 3's.

Having a jungler also gives you more of a capacity to hoard the red buff, which unlike Dragon has a shorter spawn timer and so skirmishes at this objective are a lot more common. A jungler who can fend off an attacker with self-healing or just general brawling power will do well in 3's. The buffs in 3's also make for some interesting power shifts and can really add umph to an already competent jungling champion if managed properly.

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OFFLINE   D Dominicano

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Full jungling: Not against a smart team who wards. Although there are a select few who can do it.

Soft jungling: yes

As shaco in TT i usually grab one golem camp at start then insta-gank top. I'll be lv.2 before the first minion wave touches. after that i just lane bot and gank frequently while taking some camps form time to time.

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OFFLINE   Nemmisis205

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The camp with one golem, a medium lizard, and the small lizard can get you to lvl 2 before anyone else has a chance to. If you can get FB from the early game team fight that seems to always happen, you can go get a Madreds Razor (if you start with long sword) before minions spawn. Having both of the above is pretty powerful. Very unreliable, however. Still friggin' awesome if you can pull off.

Edit: I said lvl 3 earlier, i meant 2. must go to sleep...

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It's pretty common, you go to the upper jungle, help your jungler a lot with the first camp and then pull him the second. Champions as Olaf, Trynda, Nunu or Udyr are pretty good at it.

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OFFLINE   DivineJudgment

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Just make sure to have the other two as solid solo laners. Most of the teams run a 1+2 lane composition.


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was doing it in ranked for some time last year. Lost only once due to stupid team mates, who even seeing me sitting in jungle still engage in FB battle...

I made a topic back then

anyway, have fun

OFFLINE   Fenhryz

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I was always sitting bot lane with ww to level 6 and then it grabbed every jungle minion I could.

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