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LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe

lol jungle timer

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Hi my LoL friends,

here I'm presenting a brandnew tool of mine for League of Legends to you.

LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe (LJTD)

This one is a Jungle Timer with many cool and new features. I hope you guys will have as much fun with it as myself and don't forget to give me feedback. =)

But yeye let's come to the tool itself!

Posted Image

Recommended plattform: Windows 7
Recommended resolution: 1680 x 1050
Recommended mode: windowed mode, borderless (HAS NOT ALL FUNCTIONS IN FULLSCREEN MODE!)


LJTD Version - 32bit
LJTD Version - 64bit


Starting For more Information
To get started with this tool it's recommened that you guys read shortly what possibilities you have to start it.

Slide Out For more Information
The Jungle Timer can softly be slided out. There are two ways to do this. Try out which is your preferred one.

Hotkeys For more Information
It's up to you which hotkey u want to use. Just edit the hotkey in the config file.

Default hotkeys: (alt isn't changeable atm). Push alt and your Hotkey to activate.

Write2Chat For more Information
There is a function that automatically writes to the Ingame Chat. So your team is always informed.

MiniMap For more Information
These pings are just for urself. You are free to use an own image for the minimap, as well as the time when they shall be shown. These times are all setable in the config file

Customizable For more Information
You can change any given image to make this tool look more like you want it. If you did some cool stuff send it to me if you want.

Many friends are using this tool at the moment and I never heard about any bad issues. Just try out and have fun. Soon I will announce the source code when all upcoming features are implemented. If you are worried about your anti virus tool when an announcement is upcoming, just ignore it. Well you guys must know the tool is using global hotkeys. The only way for the tool to get the hotkeys when LoL is played and has focus. I promise to not send anything to anywhere on any planet. =)

So what else is to say. Own ur Jungle!

Many Thanks to these epic guys who helped me and gave me so much feedback. <3 u:
- sicLotus
- mateful

Fell also free to add me on:

LJTD on Facebook
LJTD on YouTube
LJTD on Twitter
Developing Homepage

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Really nice tool!!

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Hey guys, a new Version is out now. LJTD 0.9.6.

There are pretty much changes for this update. I want to describe them in some short sentences.

- Fixed bug with the foreground. Some guys told me that the game is sometimes in front of the LJTD. Of course that's not the right behaviour. Now the timer is always in foreground, same is true for the MiniMap.

- New ini File System, old one was too complicated. I have splitted the prepared statements from what you can change. There were some guys who edited the config file on the top. Yeah now it should be more clear. Just keep on changing the ini file as usual. Readme is just for the new guys to this tool.

- MiniMap Panels is hideable now. You can still move the panels of the MiniMap. But yeah ingame it's really annoying and useless, so now there is a button, so that you can switch the modi. I think the color is ok as well, isn't it? =)

- You are given the possibility to reset every timer. So for example you started the Baron timer. Doesn't matter if you clicked or hotkeyed it. The timer is 5 seconds unavailable. After these 5 seconds you can stop the timer by simply clicking on it or with hotkeys. So for restart the timer simply click the event 2 times.

- You are also giving multiple choice with setting up the delays while write2chat. The reason here is because everyone has another pc performance. If you are using some older pcs u might set the delays to a higher level. So you make sure that this function is working well. For the guys with the nice pcs you should set the delays to a minimal level. Figure out what is the best for you. Notice that the lower the delay is, the better the gaming experience will be. Also also notice that the first delay should be set to a higher level when using the buttons to start the timer. Otherwhise you can set it to like 30.

- The timer is automatically resetted after the game ends. So you don't have to restart your timer anymore. Just slideout to maximum level.

- You're given the choise to choose other Hotkeys, like the Numpad. Fore example if you want to use NUM1 for your baron timer write "HOTKEY_BARON=97". I will soon give a full list on my homepage.

- The key opener for the hotkeys was normally the ALT key. But u can choose now also STRG und SHIFT if you want. Therefore change it to fore example "HOTKEY_OPENER=STRG".

- You can choose now the colors of your buffs. If you don't like the colors I prepared, feel free to change now.

Yeah that's all but I think much enough and yeah have fun and cu ingame as always.

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Hey guys. Long time ago since last version.

I would say, I have used the time as best as possible to give you as many changes as possible. So let's come to the changes of Version 0.9.7

- New button design released for better visual control. You can still change every picture as you wish.
- 3 instead of 2 reminder, and renamed to remember. This was a little mistake in english spelling and you have now 1 reminder more available. If you leave the reminder free, they are disabled.
- Start and Stop Button automatically updated now while AutoStart. This was a little bug in the last version. Fixed now.
- Tray icon with auto open/close if game starts. This means when the game is starting and your LJTD is hidden to tray, it will come to the foreground when the game begins. So it's a cool thing to surf and yeah see the game has started, though your LoL game was minimized or in the background maybe. It also hides to tray again when the game has ended. So just let the timer run in the background for best usability.
- The ward timer is gone on the right side. This is for better usability, too. On the left side you now find all the sliders.
- Making the MiniMap location setable. You can set the location of the MiniMap ,so the MiniMap will start always on that point. If you leave "X" or "Y" = "0" the LJTD tries to find the best position. Choosing the "X" and "Y" on your own will be the best. Believe me.
- Always topmost available. This feature is very important for all who have problems with the LJTD getting in the foreground and and your game is always in front of. It's like ahhhh... So switch it on if you have problems with. But recommended is to first test it. It has some other issue if it's enabled, but it's minimal.
- Different size of Baron and Dragon Label. Choosing the size on your own is giving you much more control about the really important things.
- Better behaviour of of the slidings. The sliders - on the left side now - work more softly and also edited to the new design.
- You can choose if the MiniMap is now autostarting and in which modi. This is just important if you use the MiniMap. If you do so this is your first choice. Never forget to start your MiniMap anymore! It's awesome. Test it.
- You can choose if the MiniMap is starting in fullmode. Normally it starts maximized. But this should be configured directly to not using fullmode. So minimized your MiniMap is still shown and you have still the full control.
- A modus is included to choose your starting behaviour of the main window. Choose if you wish a start with the normal window or if you sliding features should be automatically activated.
- For those of you who are not using write2chat feature, another label with timestamp when the buff is available. This is awesome if you want to write the time on your own. So just use the timer as usual and write the time, when you have the time for.
- Configuration now available in graphical windows, but you can still choose the text based one. This is the MAIN FEATURE of this version. There are to many things to say about. I just want to say. Feel free to do changes now more easily.
- Top panel auto resized. If you use the "Show Ward" your Top Panel is automatically maximized.
- Update function implemented. So you don't have to check out all the timer on the web. You can download now directly with the LJTD.

For Downloads and more information:

I hope I didn't forget anything. And yeah pleasse keep on sending me bugs, issues and so on. You're really helping!

Cu ingame guys.

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You're doing really great stuff with sending me bugs and comments. Thx 4 this. I'm trying keeping this tool always up2date. And here is the new version for you.


- Now you're given the choice of setting up the duration of the 3 main buffs and the ward. If you think it's useless, yeah it is a bit =), but you can do your own Twisted treeline version with this now. And a way to give you more control about everything.
- I have done some changes, so that you don't have to restart your timer after changing something in the config GUI. There can be still things that need to be restarted, but most of them should work instantly now.
- Form is now loading just when all pre loading things have finished. A bit code optimization.
- The MiniMap got some changes. First the team button moved to the MiniMap form. That should fit better because the team button only influences the MiniMap. Also the Top panel gone a bit bigger for better movement on t he panels location.
- Manuelly stopping the timer now resets timers und forms correctly.
- You can set the starting time. Just important if you don't use the AutoStart feature.
- You can find the actual hotkeys in the config GUI now. This enhances usability. Now more crappy config with the hotkeys now. There are also some more little changes in the config GUI.
- I fixed the bug with the MiniMap autostart feature, now it should work the right way.
- The main thing in this version are the macros. You have the possibility of setting up to 6 macros. This helps if you are writing something ingame again and again. Type ALT+1 for something like ">>>>> SS TOP <<<<<" much more faster now. This can be awesome.

Own your jungle!

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Hey guys, there is a new version of Jungle Timer, click on the link bellow to check it out!


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Welcome to the brand new version of the LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe. This LJTD version includes the latest feature TeamSync. Although we are already on version 4 there will be further addons also in the future. I would say let’s start with this feature right now before discussing bug fixes. Here we go.

Download Version

Original post from LoL Jungle Timer Deluxe | Ready to Jungle!


TeamSync is a feature to synchronize times with your friends. Mainly these friends should be your team. So they will be informed by any change upcoming in-game

Posted Image

For instance: let’s say you have timed Baron, so your whole team will see this in real time. This really helps your team because everyone knows about any buff without spamming it to the chat. Using TeamSpeak also reduces speeches to your team about upcoming buffs. This decreases your frustration level and enhances your win ratio immense.

TeamSync comes up with different right levels. Choosing Full access causes your whole team has writing access. This is not always desirable. If you wish to be the only one changing Buff or Ward times choose Read access in the key generation process.

But that’s not all TeamSync will offer for you. Besides this you can also perform this with your WardMap. So timing infinite wards is available (you need to enable the WardMap in the Config GUI). The functionality to delete cleared wards also works as well as when wards reaching their 180 seconds. Clearing the explorer ward is thereby also possible to manage.

Posted Image


There has been made some changes to the Config GUI background. It was somehow way too annoying. So you have eased images there now. The Advanced MiniMap also got some changes. Here u can have look how it will look in this new version.

Posted Image


LJTD got some nice rework to each MiniMap picture so far. This means Summoners Rift and Twisted Treeline got it’s updated version now. By the way Twisted Treeline (TT) is now fully reworked and Vilemaw correctly implemented. So playing in TT works again. Of course the size of the new minimaps were also edited. Have a look if it still works for your screen resolution!

Another cool fix came to the AutoStart feature. Normally you had to restart LJTD to get it to work. Now simply click on SAVE.

There are some more fixes but really tiny ones. Just to mention a last fixed issue that has embarrassed some guys of you. What I mean is the bug when you switch out of the game and for instance writing something on your browser you are switched back to your LoL Client every time. This has been resolved now.

TL;DR Visit the History page for an overview of changes within this version.

Summoner, now you’re Ready to Jungle!

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Hello my friends, we proudly preset to you the new Version 5 of the leading Jungle Timer for League of Legends.

Download Version 5 of LJTD

In this version we had mainly the focus on the usability to improve the user experience. That's why the new Contextmenu will let you faster understand where to find which feature. It has now all the information you need to know when you are in-game. By the way there will comes some little cosmetic changes in the next version.

Posted Image

Beyond this the new Config File Management allows you to use multiple Settings without changing the recent one. This is great when you often switch between Jungle and Support or a Carry lane.

You can read the complete article here: http://www.ljtd.net/...nt-contextmenu/

The LJTD Team wishing a great and successful weekend to all of you.

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