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Taric - New Build?

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So I was looking at Taric's skills and noticed that his imbue's cooldown is reduced everytime you hit someone. Nothing new. Taric's passive also regens mana in ratio to his damage. Nothing new. Shatter also decreases enemy armor upon use, thus more damage. Nothing new. Radiance increases your attack damage. Noting new.

But If we were to run a hybrid AS/AP build, Example Build, in conjunction with all of the above, in theory, Taric could just spam his heal for about +458HP every 2 seconds*. If he chose to heal a different target aside from himself in a teamfight, this would mean that a total of 916HP is being restored every 2 seconds.

In addition to the maddening heals, the sheer amount of DPS Taric would output would be along the lines of 568.6 DPS**, in addition to Rune armor pen and Shatter Armor pen. Let's also not forget Taric's outrageous stun.

Can anyone confirm this theory in an actual game? I don't have Taric yet... >_<

*=Rounding Up
**=Not including Armor
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It's been done. I've got a friend who mains Taric (only positively scored one I ever see) and he'll run AS just for lolz. It's true, you can spam heal, and this friend of mine is so pro with it that he'll tank towers with three players attacking him.

It's almost OP, but hilarious for teams to see imo.
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I'd rather make a trinity over gunblade as you already have a zeal in your build.

Doing a Sheen early game can be devasting early game.

Stun (sheen proc), Shatter autoattack (+80% more base dmg)


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I tried some games with AS-Taric your one is similar to the items i tried and well

AS-AP-Taric is only decent in 3on3 why?

He doesnt heal 1 time for big numbers he heal every few sec for less:

-Burst damage (most likely 5on5) shut you down before you even cast your second heal
-Running into a enemy team of 5 guys and try to hit something well :) suicide
-You suffer more of silence/stun effect cuz you "could" heal every 2-3 sec instead of ap taric every 8-10sec

So i dont recommend playing AS-Taric in 5on5 to much damage to survive long enough to spam heal/attacks.. :D

In 3on3 well i wouldnt go for other ap items except guinso... why? i know your spells benifit from ap too but well as mentioned above you rly suffer if enemy damage is to much to survive more than 2sec :D so i recomend stack items like ... sometimes if enemy rly overpower you u need some survive items too.... why these items? cuz they grant you attack speed and armor/mr --- armor/mr help you survive and your heals/ultimate get stronger to u still heal 300 life but with 100 armor enemy has to deal 600 damage :D

panthom dancer( dodge) As+Crit rly buff your ultimate
wisdom end (MR)
madred bloodrazoer (armor)

Long story short :D taric as is more fun-build aslong as enemys dont focus you u can heal tons of damage and deal decent damage (similar to AS-Sion) you become only strong if you somehow get ignored/feeded or can mage to surive long enough (main problem :D)
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I've done this before as well. Only I went more dmg / AP then you did. Something like this


I kept your Runes and Masteries as they were. I didnt even check them. It was just to show the item build I plan to run. Obviously, thats an extreme amount of gold, but those items make Taric a beast to say the least.

1: Nashor's Tooth: This one is obvious, and you had it as well.
2: Guinsoo's Rageblade: Again, you had it as well.
3: Berserker Greaves: Durp.
4: Hextech Gunblade: You had one as well. So...
5: Hextech Gunblade: This is where I differ. These items for Hybrid peeps are insane to stack. Sure, you cant use the Active: twice, but who cares! The stats are perfect for any hybrid.
6: Stark's Fervor: Again I differ here. Assuming no one else is making this, Taric is a prime candidate for this item anyways. Its also MORE lifesteal, giving you a whopping 50% Lifesteal as well as more Attack Speed, AND an aura!

These items make him really quite potent. Squishy, yes. But if you can seperate one person in a team fight, and sick Taric on that poor soul.. Good times are to be had. Spamming heals as well, provided he is auto attacking (with all of these items, I hope he would be). Not to mention he'd be an insane pusher. Even more so then he already is.

Anywho, dream build is dream build. Unlikely as all hell to get this in a real game. Though if done, very devastating.

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I main taric and i sometimes go AP/AS hybrid building nashor's tooth, merc's, and guinsoo's rageblade. i can take on any squishies 1v1 and win. i stun them and then use shatter and just pound on them with my ult up dealing around 200+ damage with 1.5 AS+ and they almost always go down. if i meet more then a few of them, i run my skills as ghost and flash so i can get the hell out. and yes. you can backdoor both of the nexus towers and win with this build.

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